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Obala Art Centar

The Sarajevo Film Festival, initiated in 1995 during the Siege of Sarajevo, has grown into a trailblazing film festival with a special focus on Southeast Europe. The CineLink Industry Days, festival's buisness platform, aims to increase the business, professional, and creative capacities of local and regional film and TV professionals on a continuous basis.




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17 - 22 August 2024

This is achieved by providing world-class year-round training opportunities and a dedicated access point to the network and markets of the European and international film and audio-visual industries. The CineLink Industry Days' training programms, including Talents Sarajevo, Ponta Lopud, and CineLink Producers' Lab, are designed to support the growth and development of emerging film professionals in the region, and provide them with valuable skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities.

Talents Sarajevo, the first regional training programme in Southeast Europe launched in 2006, is a result of cooperation between the Sarajevo Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival. Under the flagship of Berlinale Talents, Talents Sarajevo has a long-term strategy tailored to the specific needs of the film industry in Southeast Europe. The programme is fully integrated into CineLink Industry Days and welcomes approximately 50 up-and-coming film professionals from the region. Talents Sarajevo provides a unique opportunity for emerging film professionals to enhance their skills, expand their networks, and gain exposure to the international film industry.

Ponta Lopud is a unique creative hub for upcoming regional film professionals, providing them with an opportunity to gain new artistic and professional experiences and develop long-term relationships and friendships. The program includes a six-day educational platform where participants receive tailor-made coaching from Masters, aimed at improving their knowledge and strengthening their involvement in the regional and European professional network. Ponta Lopud aims to trigger creative collaboration and expand participants' awareness that their work is not limited to the local environment.

CineLink Producers' Lab is a dedicated training and networking program for junior producers with 2-5 years of experience. It is a direct response to the market shifts caused by pandemics and aims to equip producers with the understanding of digital supply chain changes and the evolving landscape of film distribution. The program helps young professionals establish their own network of peers, as well as gain insights and knowledge to navigate the digital age of film production and distribution.

These programs are part of CineLink Industry Days' umbrella of training activities, which aim to stimulate personal and professional growth of film professionals in Southeast Europe and create a meaningful network of peers. Throughout the year, CineLink Industry Days Training and Skills program organizes a variety of follow-up activities in partnership with organizations across the region for its alumni participants. By providing world-class training opportunities and access to markets and networks, CineLink Industry Days and its programs contribute to the continuous development of the local and regional film and audio-visual industries in Southeast Europe.

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In 1995, during the closing stages of the four-year-long Siege of Sarajevo, the Obala Art Center initiated the Sarajevo Film Festival as a means of reconstructing civil society and preserving the cosmopolitan spirit of the city. The Obala Art Center was established with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic, and educational activities in Sarajevo and the surrounding region, connecting these activities with the rest of the world. Among the numerous projects carried out under its umbrella, the Sarajevo Film Festival, CineLink Industry Days and Network of the Festivals in the Adriatic Region hold particular importance and influence.