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Cinelink | Avant Premiere Lab

Obala Art Centar

Avant Premiere Lab is a programme designed to address some of the most pressing issues of contemporary film exhibition and distribution. The programme welcomes top experts and cinema managers from eight different countries, who will share their insights into best practices in closed webinar sessions.




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17 - 22 August 2024

It is organised in co-operation with CICAE, International Confederation of Art Cinemas, a non-profit association aiming at promoting cultural diversity in cinemas and festivals, dedicated to supporting and training arthouse cinema exhibitors internationally.

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In 1995, during the closing stages of the four-year-long Siege of Sarajevo, the Obala Art Center initiated the Sarajevo Film Festival as a means of reconstructing civil society and preserving the cosmopolitan spirit of the city. The Obala Art Center was established with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic, and educational activities in Sarajevo and the surrounding region, connecting these activities with the rest of the world. Among the numerous projects carried out under its umbrella, the Sarajevo Film Festival, CineLink Industry Days and Network of the Festivals in the Adriatic Region hold particular importance and influence.