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BDC Discoveries

BDC Discoveries seeks to encourage innovative documentary collaborations with the Balkans and create structures for sharing know-how and expertise.

Sofia, Bulgaria, May 2020
Prizren, Kosovo, August 2020 (online)
Leipzig, October/November 2020 (online)

Application deadline: 6 March 2020         

BDC Discoveries is a continuous training programme for qualified professionals coming from the Balkans or working on a Balkan-related topic and thus looking for a co-producer from the region, in the documentary and media sector, who would benefit from post-degree professional qualification, as well as documentary professionals who have mainly worked on their local markets and are willing to explore the international framework of operation and the possibilities of international co-productions. The project must be from the Balkan region or have a Balkan angle, but have international potential, as well as a strong capacity for cross-platform development, 360° distribution and online content generation.

The format is 7 teams of producer+writer or director. As an exception, directors in search for producers may also be selected. Three representatives of civil society organisations, broadcasters and/or funds connected to the Balkan region are invited as observers.

BDC Discoveries is a creative laboratory for linking European professionals and their production with Balkan documentary filmmakers and producers. The key objective is to supply documentary professionals with high-quality training of non-traditional and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of documentary audiovisual industry in Europe.

The workshop coaches teams of producer+writer/director with projects in development. Priority is given to projects which tackle acute social issues, offering various perspectives on the subject with a creative approach and thus provoking a societal debate and engagement of civil society. In addition, the programme selects observers with a decision-making function in the field of documentary film industry.

BDC Discoveries takes place within residential modules – the first and most intensive has a focus on project development strategies and storytelling; the second takes place at the largest regional festival and is focused on project packaging and pitching, as a pitching forum with an international jury is being organized; the third is traditionally held at an leading industry event in order to guarantee visibility for the projects, professional networking and know-how sharing.
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Directors
Requirements At least three years of professional experience in the documentary field, filmography.
Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate