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Sources 2 Script Development Workshops

Script Development Workshops are high-powered work units including professional script development and advanced training for professionals working on a specific film project. Experienced script advisers provide a range of ‘tools’ to improve the participants' writing skills and to develop their projects to their utmost potential.

Dates: 29 September - 6 October 2020, online


The workshops are tailored to European screenwriters and teams of writers and co-writers, directors or producers developing a film project together. Team participation is encouraged to strengthen creative partnerships and increase the efficiency of the development process.

The programme is open to feature-length film projects addressing a broad international audience: feature films and creative documentaries for the screen (cinema, television, cross-media, web).

Two workshops are offered each year. Each is a three-month process involving three groups with a maximum of five projects, each guided by an adviser.

- Seven-day residential workshop with group sessions and supplementary programme.
- Three-month re-writing period in close contact with other group members and coached by the advisers.
- Follow-up session of one day per project (conceived as a group meeting, e.g. a group with five projects would meet for five days). Exceptionally, an individual one-day meeting with the adviser might be possible instead.

Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Producers
Requirements Submission requirements include:

- Feature films: treatment (together with two or three sample scenes) or a script at an early development stage
- Creative documentaries: presentation at a basic stage of development and research which clearly indicates a possible structure for the film (similar to the long synopsis or treatment stage in a fiction project)
- Special work groups on specific genres/subjects may be announced

Intermediate | Senior
2,000 + 1,000 Per workshop: application: 100 EUR, participation: 2,000 EUR per writer/project, 1,000 EUR per team member (co-writer, producer, director, observer).
Included First session only.
Included First session only.