Project development / Documentary / Audience development, marketing, distribution & exhibition

Impact Producers Lab

The Impact Producers Lab is an extension – and natural development – of the global Good Pitch programme, which includes creative mentorship, filmmaker workshops and labs, online resources, and a series of unique live events devised and organised by DOC SOCIETY and hosted in different cities across the world.

Good Pitch has established itself as a productive hub connecting documentary filmmakers with new kinds of partners from across civil society, offering new funding and distribution opportunities to reach larger European and international audiences. There is no other structured activity like this Lab anywhere in the world to specifically train Impact Producers to take film campaigns from strategy through to planning, budgeting, fundraising through to execution and evaluation. With the goal to create real, lasting social or environmental impact. This is not classroom teaching but highly interactive and participatory training combining keynote presentations with discussions, teamwork and group analysis of case studies.

The Impact Producers Lab trains Impact Producers in the following:
* Strategy – identifying appropriate scope and change goals, theory of change, assess strength and weaknesses
* Planning – detailed bespoke plan for the film outreach and audience engagement strategy, including PR & social media and how this works with/around the distribution timeline
* Budgeting – devise realistic cost for short and long term impact work
* Fundraising – identifying potential funders for outreach and audience engagement (traditional and non-traditional funders), knowing how to apply and what different funders want
* Execution – responsible for internal team building, execution of external partnerships and including online activity and live event
* Evaluation – choose or design the most appropriate way to measure and report impact achieved – on public, political, legal, and corporate levels.
Target groupProducers, Post-production professionals, Scriptwriters, Directors, Cinematographers, Content developers, Animation professionals, Lawyers
Junior | Intermediate | Senior