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Training Program for Documentary Producers

EURODOC fosters the development of documentary film projects in a highly challenging and creative manner. The annual training programme is designed for European documentary producers (+ 20% of non-European producers) who want to enhance the development stage of their projects internationally and more broadly for film professionals, especially people involved in supporting documentary film productions (commissioning editors from TV channels and representatives from documentary film funds).

Session 1: Development, March.
Session 2: Coproduction, Financing & Packaging, June.
Session 3: Meetings with Experts, October.

Application deadline: 1 November 2020

The main goals and objectives of the programme are:
  • to improve the development of documentary projects with international potential, their financing and management;
  • to obtain a deep insight into the technological changes in the fields of development, production and distribution;
  • to reinforce the international dimension of small and medium-sized companies;
  • to encourage transnational cooperation and to provide a clear overview on the international film market situation;
  • to set up a sustainable networking of skills and exchanges by bringing together the professionals and the decision makers of this sector;
  • to take into account the specific needs of professionals in European countries with low audio-visual production capacity and to provide them with useful tools.

Throughout the three sessions, all the fundamentals of production are covered, ranging from the analysis of the artistic quality of the project, to reflecting on the relationship between the director and the producer. These fundamentals include such aspects as the negotiation of rights clearance, the financing of development, the different production and budgeting approaches, the identification of potential international partners, the drafting of different co-production agreements, making a trailer and preparing a pitch, the management of a production company, the promotion and distribution (traditional and alternative) of the film once it is finished and insights into the documentary film market. During the second part of this third session, one-to-one meetings are organised for the participants with some of the main figures in the documentary world (commissioning editors, programmers, distributors, curators, producers).

Target groupProducers, Distributors¬†& sales agents, Funders & financiers, Commissioning editors, Production managers
Requirements Producers with a documentary project in development with an international potential. Participants can also come from the documentary departments of broadcasters or from institutions funding documentary productions.
Project-based, Without project
Intermediate | Senior
2800 Fees for non-European participants: EUR 1400