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Post-production / Production


APostLab helps producers, post-production supervisors and others working in the industry improve how they manage their projects; technically, creatively and in terms of storytelling. From beginning to end, from budget to workflow and planning, from specific technical knowledge to international co-production – APostLab provides the skills.

Dates: 8-26 January 2021 (8/9 January, 15/16 January, 24/26 January) (online version available)

APostLab organises 4-6-day project-based workshops in different countries every year as well as shorter, specialised and bespoke workshops, and training at industry events.

Each workshop is dedicated to help participants learn how to prevent bottlenecks in budget, workflow and planning. They acquire a clear overview of the post-production process and crucial knowledge of specific disciplines such as VFX, which are instrumental for the whole production process.

APostLab’s team of industry experts help participants boost their knowledge of every phase of post-production in order to enable them to have eye-level discussions about post-production with all parties involved. The training also zooms in on the challenges of post-production in the international co-production environment.

Every participant in the project-based workshops receives an invitation to the APostLab Partner and Alumni Network. The purpose of the Network is to facilitate connection, exchange and collaboration among members of the APostLab community. With access to more than 220 film professionals from over 50 countries, the APostLab Partner and Alumni Network is dedicated to help unlock any European country - and beyond - for our members. It is meant to help members be better informed, connected, and prepared when working on an international co-production.

Target groupProducers, Post-production supervisors

The workshop is open for:
• producers with an internationally co-produced feature film, documentary or TV-series in the stage of development, financing or pre-production, and
• post-production supervisors, working independently or with an organization.

Intermediate | Senior