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new visions/new partnerships/new markets

CPH:LAB is CPH:DOX’s talent development programme that encourages creative risk taking, celebrates raw talent, facilitates collaboration across borders and business sectors and supports visionaries to push the existing boundaries of documentary filmmaking.

CPH:LAB Part I: 7 September-21 September 2020(online)
CPH:LAB Part 2: mid-September 2020 - mid-January 2021
CPH:LAB Workshop II: April-May, 2021 during CPH:DOX
Applications closed 28 June 2020

The lab is conceived as an international incubator for documentary projects that seek to explore the potential of digital technologies, where interactivity supports the creation of a narrative universe that advances new visions of what a documentary can be in a digital age. 

The COVID-19 crisis has brought an unprecedented seismic shift to the media landscape. It has been a catalyst not only for new ways of working but also for reflections on what kind of world we would like to live in. As a response to this, CPH:LAB 2020/2021 solicited submissions on the specific subject of Protopia, under the banner “Another World Is Possible”. While utopia describes an ideal state, perfect and unrealistic, and dystopia is a non-ideal state, unhealthy and devolving, protopia is a proactive bridge from our current state to an improved, rather than a perfect society.‍

‍CPH:LAB welcomes six immersive or interactive creative documentary projects developed by around 15 emerging and established storytellers from all over Europe and beyond.

At the end of the programme the works premiere for both the physical and digital editions of the Inter:Active Exhibition at CPH:DOX in April 2021.

The development will deal with platform or platforms, story development, remote production, social engagement, impact, roll-out and distribution digitally as well as physically.

Target groupDirectors
Junior | Intermediate