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Cartoon Springboard

Cartoon Springboard is part of a trio of short but intensive Cartoon Masters courses. It is designed to improve the pitching skills of young producers.

Dates: 27-29 October 2020 (online)
Deadline for project submission: 4 September 2020
CARTOON Springboard is a project-based seminar aimed at helping new talents who have completed their education to improve and accelerate their access to audiovisual and digital markets.

The 3 day-event is in two parts:

- Presentations by experts on market trends, buyers' expectations etc.;
- Pitching sessions of young talents' projects.

What kind of project?
• a TV Special (minimum 26 minutes)
• a TV series
• a feature film (minimum 60 minutes)
• an animated project dedicated to cross-media
• short films are NOT accepted.

The event is also open to young talents without a project but who have a project in mind for the future and are willing to learn how to pitch and how to better prepare new projects.

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Target groupContent developers, Animation professionals, Distributors & sales agents, Funders & financiers, Graduates from animation schools with or without an animation project.
Project-based, Without project
Professionals from the new MEDIA countries can apply to Cartoon for a scholarship. Numbers are limited.