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Animation Sans Frontières


Dates: Module 1
12 to 23 October 2020, Filmakademie, Germany

Module 2
16 to 27 November 2020, MOME, Hungary

Module 3
11 to 22 January 2021, The Animation Workshop, Denmark

Cartoon Movie pitching event
March 2021 (exact dates TBC), Lyon, France

Module 4
8 to 19 March 2021, Gobelins, France

FMX Conference, Animation Production Day & ITFS Festival
April-May 2021 (exact dates TBC) Stuttgart, Germany

Application date for 2020-2021: 31 May 2020

Animation Sans Frontières is a 4×2 week lecture/workshop-based training programme designed to give junior European animation film and production professionals an understanding of the European and international animation industry and markets, as well the space, time and tools to develop, finance and produce their own projects, careers and eventually production companies.
ASF enables emerging animation professionals to:
  • develop their own projects/companies, work in multidisciplinary & international teams
  • learn more about the European animation industry and markets, understand coproduction
  • meet a wide variety of recognised animation film, games and new media professionals
  • network with other European young talents and initiate future trans-European collaborations
  • be positioned in the vast international animation industry
  • be guided into alternative markets and new media solutions.

A group of 15 to 16 young European animation artists, producers, scriptwriters and technical directors  travels 2 weeks to each of the four partner schools to follow four separate parts of an overview of the entire animation film production process, from concept development through financing and production management to marketing and distribution. Television and feature films, games and interactive media, traditional and cross-platform production processes are all covered at various stages along the way.

As a new addition to the programme, we will also organise several special collaborative events designed to meet the challenge of getting to know new technologies in order to use them to tell stories with animation. These events will include a 3-day hackathon where teams of of artists, technicians, producers and script writers will create prototypes for Animated Spaces, as well as other such workshops.

As a special supplement and based on their talent and motivation, 10 of the 16 participants will also have the opportunity to join and represent ASF at Cartoon Movie 2021 or the 2021 Animation Production Day or FMX 2021 events. All fees and costs are covered by ASF.
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Directors, Content developers, Animation professionals, Technical Director
Junior | Intermediate
Included At all four schools. For 10 of the 16 participants, travel is also covered to Cartoon Movie or FMX/Animation Production Day.
Included At all four schools.
Included At all four schools.
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