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TFL Extended

TFL 360° is a year-round Multidisciplinary Lab offering the whole spectrum of activities involved in ideating, producing, financing and introducing to international audiences fiction feature films and TV series. 

March - November 2021
Application deadline: 23 October 2020

Residential workshops: June and November 2021
Online: September 2021
Application deadline: 10 February 2021

Workshops in June and September + TFL Meeting Event in November.
Application deadline: 18 January 2021

TFL is a connected community of audiovisual professionals, with a dedicated market (TFL Meeting Event in Turin), an on-line presence and an annual Alumni Meeting.

TFL 360° 2019-2021 consists of 3 activities:

1) ScriptLab – for scriptwriters and directors working on the writing of a feature film at an early stage of development; as well as for film professionals interested in being trained as story editors.

ScriptLab trains scriptwriters and directors developing a script for a feature film, as well as story editors. It is aimed at projects at an early development stage, whose authors are willing to dive deep into the writing process during nine months of intensive work, individually and in small groups.

2) SeriesLab – for European scriptwriters, directors and producers working on original TV series projects.

A 6-month-long course which follows the entire process of creation of a TV series concept: from generating ideas and structuring the material, up to a final pitch in front of major key players of the international TV industry during the Series Mania Forum in Lille, France

These activities are all project-based and the training includes:-

- 3 residential workshops taking place in different countries; including group sessions, 1-to-1 meetings, case studies, plenaries and pitching sessions;
- A public presentation & one-to-one meetings with Decision Makers at an international co-production market;
- Competing for Development & Production Awards;
- Joining the TFL Community and networking with fellow audiovisual professionals.

3) FeatureLab – for creative teams of writer, director and producer with a feature film project at an advanced stage, covering the main areas of filmmaking: script, directing, cinematography, sound, post-production, financing & sales and audience engagement. 

FeatureLab is aimed at creative teams of scriptwriter, director and producer from all over the world interested in a comprehensive approach for developing their 1st or 2nd feature film projects at an advanced stage.
Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Producers
2500 (ScriptLab projects); 1.500 (ScriptLab story editing); 3000 per team (FeatureLab and SeriesLab); Scriptlab: extra fee of EUR 2,000 for a co-writer Scriptlab: extra fee of EUR 2,000 for a co-writer
For participants from low audiovisual capacity countries