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Essential Legal Framework

Essential Legal Framework (ELF) is a training series that offers compact, hands-on information for film and TV professionals with an emphasis on legal and financial aspects.

The Art of Negotiating Agreements for Film and TV, 9-11 December 2021, Berlin, Germany
European Co-production - Legal and Financial Aspects, 28-30 October, 2021, Budapest, Hungary
Business Development for Success: Leading Innovation and Change in Film and TV, 18-20 November 2021, Berlin, Germany
Clearing Rights for Film and TV, Spring 2022

The main objectives of ELF are professionalisation and the facilitation of collaboration and knowledge exchange among European professionals.The training series consists in a portfolio of several residential workshops and e-learning courses, out of which three residential workshops and one e-learning course are implemented per year.

The current portfolio includes:

The Art of Negotiating Agreements for Film and TV (EUR 890)

Good agreements are essential for the success of any production. This 3-day workshop aims at enabling Film and Television producers to handle an agreement like a good script: with passion and a deep understanding of its structures and mechanisms. Participants learn the psychological dynamics involved in any negotiation and gain knowledge on how to protect their interests in the best way. The training combines expert lectures, interactive elements and practical exercises in order to understand agreements and train the art of negotiation. This workshop aims to enable film and television producers to handle an agreement like a good script: with passion and a deep understanding of its structures and mechanisms.

European Co-Production - Legal and Financial Aspects (EUR 890)

Even under normal circumstances, any co-production juggles a broad variety of complex issues on a daily basis. Today, co-producers face a whole new set of challenges in light of the ongoing pandemic. How will production stops and closed theatres affect funding regulations? How will distribution chains change considering the growing importance of the streamers? What new criteria should your decisions be based on to ensure the sustainable development of your business?

​​​​​​​This 3-day workshop offers insights into the making of several recent European co-productions as well as legal and finance in production and distribution. Hands-on tips help participants to successfully handle the changing complexities of European co-productions. As the mechanisms of co-production and co-financing are not limited to feature film, the workshop is now also open to professionals working in the co-production of TV series.

Business Development for Success: Leading Innovation and Change in Film and TV (EUR 890)

In this rapidly changing industry, it is vital for companies to adapt to the marketplace quickly, to embrace new business models and opportunities arising through digitalisation. This 3-day workshop offers practical knowledge on the processes and methodologies of business model innovations.

Hands-on techniques help create and implement new ideas, and case studies from the industry provide best practice. Decision-makers will acquire the necessary soft skills and the mindset to initiate and lead change and innovation in order to best capitalise on the opportunities of the digital shift in film and TV. Excellent networking opportunities make it possible to connect with European colleagues and to shape future partnerships.

The residential workshops and e:training courses provide the necessary working tools that enable film and TV professionals to successfully enter and handle the fragmented European audiovisual market, to access financing and to advance their businesses in times of the digital shift. Participants benefit from inside reports and key industry professionals who share their experiences and best practices.

The practice-oriented approach facilitates the adaption of the newly acquired knowledge and skills to daily working life. Furthermore, the residential workshops offer valuable opportunities for strengthening the participants’ professional networks. Thus, participants are enabled to share their knowledge and to establish valuable and long-lasting business relationships with audiovisual professionals from all over Europe. All residential workshops and e:training courses can be booked separately.