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European VOD Meetings

The European VoD Meetings are a professional training and event especially conceived for the VOD sector.

2-5 September 2019, Venice, Italy
18-21 March 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria
1-4 September 2020, Venice, Italy

Application deadline: 30 June 2020

The goal of the training is to reinforce the competitiveness of the European VoD platforms, preserving the richness of the cultural diversity of their catalogue, through the transmission of know-how and peer-to-peer learning, by fostering the implementation of innovative projects, producing an updated and comprehensive analysis of the needs of the sector and its opportunities, and stimulating a better comprehension of the dynamics that could influence the circulation of European, arthouse and independent films in Europe as elsewhere.

The training was born of the urgency of the European VoD platforms to network and benchmark, fostering the dialogue within the chain of rights and with the service providers, feeding a knowledge economy for the benefit of all the industry and European creativity. Video on Demand is a young sector of the industry based on innovation and gathering different knowledge and backgrounds in tech and film that need a constant update: transparency, communication, data analysis, cooperation, confrontation about the hot topics of the business, development of new projects, acquisition of technical, artistic, marketing, trading and management tools.

The training is organised in two residential workshops, consisting of four days each of lectures, workshops, public conferences, case studies, debates, business and trading opportunities. Applications can be for one workshop or for both.

Target groupVOD platforms, Producers, Distributors¬†& sales agents, Festival managers, Exhibitors, Technical managers, Aggregators
Intermediate | Senior
1050 Per workshop. Fee is for Venice workshop. Fees may vary by location.
Particularly for start-ups and those from low production capacity countries