Project development / Documentary

Emerging Producers

A promotional and educational project which brings together talented European documentary film producers.

Dates: 27-30 October 2020, Jihlava IDFF, Czechia
           8-13 February 2021, Berlin, Germany

Application Deadline for 2020/2021: 15 March 2020
Dates: 27 October-1 November 2020, Ji.hlava IDFF
           February 2021, Berlin

Emerging Producers is an industry flagship project of the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival and the only one of its kind designed for documentary film producers in Europe.

Every year 18 talented producers are selected (17 European and one representing a guest country - Israel in 2020/2021) and are provided with educational, networking and promotional support.

While the main part of the project takes place at Ji.hlava IDFF annually at the end of October and in Berlin in February, other activities and the promotion of Emerging Producers take place at major film events throughout the year.

The main objective of the programme is to interconnect talented European producers with other film professionals, especially those working in documentary cinematography. The project should also provide the participants with an easy access to information in the field of audiovisual industry, deeper and wider orientation in the film market but also help them to establish contacts with producers from other countries, and thus increase the potential of future European co-production projects.

Target groupProducers
  • Producer with several years’ practice on the local market (i.e. not a student or recent graduate) with a capacity for future professional growth and with ambitions to be active on the European market
  • At least one realised film (fiction or documentary, mid-length or feature) which has entered theatrical distribution or has been screened at festivals
  • Previous experience in other workshops (considered an advantage)
  • Eligible countries: EU Member states, countries of Western Balkans, and Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and Russia.
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