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The ACE Producers Annual Executive Training Programmes and the ACE Network

ACE Producers

Strengthening independent producers, ACE Producers uses the power of the ACE Network’s collective knowledge to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities in an ever-changing industry.








ACE Annual Programme: April, October, November; ACE Series Special: October, ACE Animation Special: June, ACE Leadership Special: June and September, ACE Network: all-year long


ACE Producers is Europe’s premier network of successful producers from Europe and beyond. Membership is based on professionalism, mutual trust, collaboration, sharing and forward thinking. Each year, 18 new experienced producers are accepted into the ACE Network after completing the ACE Annual Programme of executive education.

It consists of three workshops emphasising the key position and unique responsibilities of the producer throughout the whole process of making a film: development, financing, production, marketing and distribution. Experienced independent producers apply with a live action feature film project in development that is suitable for co-production and aimed at the international market.

As a response to the growing need for producers to adapt their companies to the changing needs of the international audio-visual market, ACE has introduced the ACE Specials, three stand-alone workshops for experienced producers aiming to transform and developing their companies.

The ACE Series Special and the ACE Animation Special focus on the challenges of integrating series and animation production to the profile of existing film production companies, and the aim of the ACE Leadership Special is to encourage and nurture successful, business acumen within the film industry, and equip participants with competence and confidence to provide effective leadership to their businesses and to be a master of change.

Founded in 1993, ACE Producers is proud to count more than 250 active producers from more than 45 countries to the ACE Network where annual activities include the ACE Annual Reunion, networking at international festivals and markets, the ACE Insight online sessions with masterclasses and consultancy sessions, and the ACE Mentoring Programme.

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Based in Amsterdam, ACE Producers is Europe’s premier network of experienced producers. Founded in 1993, ACE Producers is proud to count more than 250 active producers from 47 countries to the ACE Network that includes the most prominent and prolific producers in Europe with considerable track record in live action feature film and drama series production.
ACE Producers provides top quality executive education in European creative producing and entrepreneurship. ACE is strong through the unique combination of high-quality personnel and training, integrity, deep connectivity among participating producers, commitment to sharing and learning, and collegial membership of the network.

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