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Europa Distribution

Europa Distribution is the European Network of Independent Film Publishers and Distributors. Our membership is composed of 116 distribution companies originating from 24 European and 6 non-European countries.




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Our main purpose is to create learning spaces where distributors can exchange, grow experience and gather new skills and tools, whatever their role (management, marketing, sales, VoD...), in order to fully exploit the creative and commercial potential of European films, reaching larger audiences. For 16 years, our diverse activities have offered to independent distributors good practices and knowledge’s sharing with diverse professionals.

For this specific project, we propose an exchange programme in film marketing, a mentorship programme for young women, and two workshops: one dedicated to managers to increase their skills in interpersonal communication and team management, and the other an innovation hub with a specific focus on distribution. We will also organise an online roundtable to share good practices, gain knowledge and create a toolbox to support distributors reaching greener fields.

These events will gather around 120 distributors, (not mandatorily members of the network), and an additional 30 professionals who will attend the public session of the Innovation Hub.

To create impact beyond participants, 5 articles summarising each activity will be published on our blog and Cineuropa’s website and social networks, and 3 detailed reports will be made available to the participants of the 2 workshops and the roundtable, and to all the employees of the Europa Distribution Network’s members.

These various activities will allow us to address essential needs when it comes to independent distributors: to exchange with peers to increase knowledge and skills when it comes to releasing films in cinemas and online in fast evolving and competitive markets, and, even more today, to remain resilient following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the film sector.

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