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ISI | Sustainability Management

Learn how to run a business or large projects in a sustainable way

International Screen Institute

This online sustainability management course focuses on improving film and media business environments. It will provide you with the tools and techniques to run your business or large media project more sustainably. There is already excellent training for ecological movie and TV production; therefore, our multi-dimensional approach includes economical, ecological, cultural, and social perspectives.






Junior , Intermediate , Senior


19 - 23 June 2023
22 - 24 November 2023

Application deadline

21 April 2023

Topics will include:

Economical – a fresh look at the power of money and corporate sustainability.

Ecological – what environment-friendly digital solutions, media production, data storage and streaming look like.

Cultural – diverse teams and how to enhance creativity and innovation in your work environment.

Social – strategies for team participation, maintaining personal well-being and the creation of safe spaces at work.

This intensive practical course takes place over 5 days onsite and 3 days of online follow-up and has places for up to 20 participants

Company data

The International Screen Institute (ISI), founded in 2020, is a European Training Centre for the film and media industry based in Vienna. ISI’s focus is on the business aspect of the audio-visual industry. As a centre of excellence, ISI offers innovative and top-level training for industry professionals and is committed to five core values that will strengthen the future of the European audio-visual industry: collaboration, quality, inclusion, innovation and sustainability. Each course will benefit from lectures, group work and mentorships where appropriate. ISI’s goal is to develop sustainable careers and businesses to ‘futureproof’ the skillsets of course participants.

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