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Intl. Screenwriters' Workshop & Master Class Program


eQuinoxe Europe

The Aim of eQuinoxe Europe is to support the development and production potential of strong, culturally and linguistically diverse screenplays for an international audience.






Junior , Intermediate , Senior


Workshop is project-specific. Training 27. October - 4. November 2022; Master Class Creative Producing Series scheduled for 6 weeks: mid October - November 2022


To Be Announced

Application deadline

Screenwriters Workshop - 24 June, 2022; Master Class Series - 20 July, 2022


The International Screenwriters Workshop is a short-term, 7-day, residential screenwriting training program with the aim of facilitating the filmmakers' creative process to develop the most compelling story and script. Our comprehensive program includes the producers' attendance the last 2,5 days and a follow-up consultation on the obligatory rewrite.

eQuinoxe Europe has held 26 Intl. Screenwriters´ Workshops, 36 Master Classes and numerous Salons - Readings, Screenings, In Conversations and Panel Discussions for the European film industry since 2002 in 23 locations in Europe, India and Australia.

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The focus of the eQuinoxe Europe International Screenwriters´ Workshops is on both the writers and the producers of the selected projects.

The workshops, which offer both script and project development, are distinguished by the creative, collegiate environment and the rigorous discussion between the writers and the advisors. Collectively and individually the focus is on finding ways to make the screenplays more competitive and compelling in order to expedite the pathway to production.

Participants have the rare opportunity to discuss their work with experienced filmmakers from different cultural and professional backgrounds, leading to creative breakthroughs and the potential for co-financing.

Company data

Founded in 2001, the Mission of eQuinoxe Europe is to support European and international filmmakers in the crucial script development phase to deliver stronger scripts in order to advance the projects more quickly to financing and production.

Through its focus on rigorous script development, eQuinoxe Europe is committed to:

- Assisting screenwriters to realize their creative vision

- Enhancing the creative and commercial potential of European film globally

- Raising the profile and affirming the necessary and vital role of script development in advancing screenplays to production

- Establishing stronger links between Europe‘s creative talent and the eQuinoxe Europe international network.

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