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IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

IDFAcademy is IDFA’s training program during the festival. Each year, it offers a group of 100 talented documentary filmmakers and producers the opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge about the international documentary industry (financing, production, distribution, creative content).




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9 - 12 November 2023

Application deadline

1 August 2023

This takes place over the course of four days during the festival. The festival trains talented documentary filmmakers and producers from home and abroad and gives them the chance to show their work on an international platform.

IDFAcademy training program stems from the observation that there was no such program in the documentary field for young talented filmmakers and producers who process the necessary artistic skills and knowledge of developments in documentary filmmaking where they can get to know the documentary industry in a short time span.

The fact that IDFAcademy is embedded in the festival has the advantage that participants can get acquainted with a large festival and the markets as well as the new media IDFA DocLab program, thereby effectively being handed the various aspects of the international documentary industry. In addition to gathering up-to-date market knowledge, another important goal is to build an international network of peers and relevant players such as broadcasters, distributors, funds, festivals and markets, many of which attend IDFA.

The prevailing practices in financing, production and distribution, but also the latest trends and developments are addressed during these 4 days. IDFAcademy is unique because it allows the participants to put their gained knowledge of the industry directly into practice with their own documentaries or projects. This last part is mostly possible because during IDFA all the key players are present and willing to spare their time for meetings with the participants.

Company data

IDFA has in recent years grown into an international documentary institute that guides, inspires and shapes opinions. IDFA consists of a public festival, a fund, two markets, programs for new media, talent development and education, and an online platform – catering to audiences, professionals, talents and educators.

With three core values of inclusion, innovation, and artistic filmmaking, IDFA substantially contributes to an economically sustainable international documentary film and new media industry for filmmakers, artists, producers, and other stakeholders working in the creation, production, financing and distribution of documentary films and new media.

In the 2022 2024 period, IDFA continues to grow into a professional international documentary institute with a wide reach that guides and inspires film professionals presenting documentary as an art form and investing in its development, in a flexible environment capable of adapting to changing situations and evolving constantly.

IDFA Markets proposes two markets including five programs for the co-financing, collaboration and distribution of documentary and new media projects for 1000 participants. IDFAcademy is a training program for 100 participants with professional development as primary goal. IDFA Bertha Fund Europe uniquely supports the coproduction of documentary projects between Europe and the rest of the world for up to 6 projects a year, with an additional 5 promotion grants.

These three key programs specially designed for professionals jointly focus on building international networks, stimulating collaboration and co-productions, distribution and capacity building of emerging talent. As a result, IDFA plays a guiding and stimulating role in the documentary ecosystem in Europe and internationally, leading to a sustainable professional system where filmmakers can realize their documentary projects and explore the documentary art form.

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