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INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

Since 2010, INA has organised the annual training programme FRAME in partnership with FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union).

FRAME is co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union.




Without project


Junior , Intermediate , Senior


June (FRAME Basics training session)
October (FRAME Expert workshop),
November (FRAME Advanced training session)
June-Dec. (FRAME Mentoring)


The FRAME training programme covers each step of the audiovisual archives management process - from its preservation, digitisation, documentation, to its access, reuse and promotion – and all aspects of this work – legal, ecological, technical, technological, business, educative, or creative aspects the audiovisual heritage.

Target groups

FRAME’s target groups are all European and international professionals working for the preservation, management, access, and reuse of audiovisual archives, in all audiovisual heritage fields. With the aim to correspond to each of them needs and objectives, whatever their background, profile and level of expertise, the FRAME training programme is made of several adapted actions.

Training programme

FRAME is made of 5 training actions:

• FRAME Basics: an online 6-half-day training session, organised during the spring, delivers fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for professionals managing audiovisual content, from its preservation to its reuse. FRAME Basics is addressed in priority to professionals with less experience and/or needs to acquire fundamentals.

• FRAME Advanced: an onsite 5-day training session, organised during the autumn at INA or in a European partner institution, is focused on the latest and innovative practices of the audiovisual heritage sector. FRAME Advanced Tech deals with technical and technological aspects of the preservation and management of audiovisual archives, FRAME Advanced Access with documentation and access topics. FRAME Advanced is

open to all professionals, and in priority to experienced and trained ones.

• FRAME Mentoring, a 6-month mentoring programme (June-December) addressed to young professionals to support them in their career path development or to implement their project. FRAME Mentoring included an online support by a dedicated mentor who is a recognized international expert; a 2-week professional immersion at INA or in a partner institution; an accreditation to FIAT/IFTA Annual World Conference

• FRAME Expert: a half-day workshop organised as part of the FIAT/IFTA World Conference, in October; gathering the community of international professionals around shared questions and current issues of the audiovisual heritage sector.

• FRAME digital training platform made of multilingual (French, English, Spanish) e- learning modules and digital pedagogical material and resources (video, bibliography, etc.)

The courses and workshop are delivered in English by recognized European and international audiovisual archives experts. Each year, the training programme is updated to match with current technical and technological evolutions in the sector and to correspond to professionals’ expectations and needs. To do so, it is enriched by a FRAME committee, with members of INA, FRAME’s partners FIAT/IFTA and EBU Academy, and associated organisations and professional who are FRAME long- term partners (meemoo, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, RTVE, Rai, RTS, etc.)


FRAME objectives are to:

• Develop and strengthen the community of European and international professionals working in the audiovisual archive fields

• Update and develop the professionals’ competencies and knowledge all along their career

• Present and promote inspiring projects, examples and best practices

• Give an overview of latest practices and evolutions of the sector

• Build a common language and shared professional practices

Company data

INA is a heritage media and an audio-visual archives centre which preserves, manages and promotes more than 80 years of audio-visual heritage in order to provide a better understanding of present times and to decipher today’s massive flow of news and information.

The Institute conducts multiple activities to contribute to and to support the future of the audio-visual and media ecosystem: it includes a research & innovation center; an higher education and vocational training centre; a consulting agency; audio-visual productions; and contents distribution. It carries its public service values along with its European and international partners, shares its expertise and experience all over the world, contributing to the construction of transparent and sustainable audio-visual landscapes by adopting an approach based on collaboration, sustainability, and excellence.

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