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European Games Accelerator

Spielfabrique 360° UG

The Spielfabrique EU Games Accelerator is strongly focused on international markets and deliberately chooses to bring the studios literally and “virtually” outside their country on a regular basis to maximize networking opportunities.

The program focuses on business and management mentoring for video game studios and explores different ways to finance, develop and release a video game to the market: Publishing and distribution opportunities through our experts’ network; pitching training and long-term strategy building; and access to a dedicated network of investors, financiers, and publishers.

At the end of the program, the game studios will demonstrate greater business acquirement, a European perspective in the gaming sector, and an ambitious market-driven strategy for their projects and companies.








20-21 April; 23-24 May; 15 June; 22 August 2023

Application deadline

19 February 2023

Company data

Founded in 2016, SpielFabrique has developed an international and cross-border expertise of the video game industry. From mentoring indie game studios looking to bring their first game to market or established indie studios looking to scale up, to its consulting business towards public entities, SpielFabrique has built a comprehensive understanding of the video game ecosystem.

As a catalyst for the video game ecosystem, we bring together all industry stakeholders to create greater understanding, knowledge and collaboration. Our goal is to stimulate international activity and strengthen ecosystems.

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