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Biennale College – Cinema Virtual Reality 7 - VPB BCC 360

Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia

The Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality (BCC-VR) is a programme developed by La Biennale di Venezia to navigate Virtual Reality.








13-19 January 2023; 7 – 10 March 2023

Application deadline

3 November 2022


The approach is to fully explore the aesthetic and narrative opportunities offered by this form. BCC-VR provides filmmakers and creative professionals from a wide range of backgrounds with the skills to fully engage with 360° interactive immersive future.

With the support of experts and international specialists in the field, BCC-VR will help independent filmmakers and creative professionals from all over the world to appropriate the medium of VR and learn how to adapt their knowledge to VR in a fluid transitional way.

In the process participants will acquire the specific know-how around 360° immersive storytelling that will redefine the relationship between story and audience.

BCC-VR aims to support the development of 6 Italian projects and 10 international projects presented by teams of director and producer, of up to 30 minutes duration, at concept stage, helping them to advance their projects covering creative, production, audience/market and financial concerns.

As part of the programme we aim to financially support the production of up to 1 VR project with a grant of € 75.000,00 to premiere at the Venice International Film Festival and to present those projects that have not accessed the grant, at the Venice Production Bridge as part of the Gap Financing Market activities.

Company data

La Biennale di Venezia was established in 1895 and is today acknowledged as one of the most prestigious cultural institutions. La Biennale di Venezia stands at the forefront of research and promotion of new contemporary art trends and organizes events in all its specific Departments: Art (1895), Architecture (1980), Cinema (1932), Dance (1999), Music (1930), and Theatre (1934) – alongside research and training activities.

The history of La Biennale di Venezia is documented in its Historical Archives located at Marghera Venice and in its Library at the Giardini’s Central Pavilion. The International Art and Architecture Exhibitions have had a new structure since 1998. In recent years, La Biennale promoted new Educational activities, training programmes (Biennale College), conferences and panels in its headquarters at Ca’ Giustinian.

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