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UP.GRADE is Europe’s first postgraduate programme in colour grading. Organised by the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB), it offers a unique format for hands-on practical training that tackles the new challenges of modern colour grading from both a technical and an artistic perspective.
This is an eight-month full-time postgraduate programme, in which cinematographers, young graders with professional experience as well as young professionals from this industry segment receive intensive technical, aesthetic and film history training, in order to be able to participate as equal partners in the production processes involved in image creation.

Future colourists must have a solid grasp of their craft and the technical tools, at the same time they must be conversant with colour, images and cinematic languages, and must grasp these in narrative, content-based contexts, within the framework of cultures, traditions and semiotics.

Key target groups: 
Young cinematographers, junior colourists, VFX artists, digital image technicians, editors, still photographers, directors or applicants from closely related fields with a film school degree or relevant professional experience.
Learning outcomesUP.GRADE provides intensive aesthetic, technical and theoretical training, ranging from film history to hands-on colour grading, colour management and digital film workflows, and including modules at cutting-edge post-production company ARRI.
Target groupPost-production professionals, Cinematographers
Requirements Professional experience in colour-grading or cinematography. A CV, a personal statement, film samples, a letter of recommendation, a portfolio of transmitted work.
Without project
Three scholarships available.
Includes travel to Camerimage and IBC Fair Amsterdam and monthly public transport ticket in Berlin.
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