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Sources 2 Script Development Workshops

Sources 2 Script Development Workshops offer project-based long-term training in screenwriting and professional script development as a collaborative process, strengthening the writer’s creative and artistic skills and focusing on a self-reflected and critical understanding of film as art and business.
Each workshop is a three-month process involving three groups with four projects, each guided by one adviser. Participation in the workshop is subject to selection.

The format includes:
– Seven-day workshop with group sessions, complementary one-on-one sessions, supplementary programme,
– Three-month re-writing period in close contact with other group members and coached by the advisers,
– Follow-up session of one day per project (conceived as a group meeting).

The workshops focus on training in the craft of screenwriting, storytelling, script analysis, genres and styles, development of structure, characters, and re-writing skills. Participants are coached in developing their projects, considering the process of evolution from page to screen, visual style, acting, target audiences, production aspects, financing and distribution strategies, cross-platform possibilities, positioning and presenting the project within the industry.

The target groups for this course are European screenwriters and teams of writers and co-writers, directors or producers developing a feature film project; or professional documentary filmmakers with their team member(s) developing a creative documentary.

A supplementary programme offers screenings, lectures, keynotes, discussions, and a Sources of Inspiration Lecture.
Learning outcomesEnhancement of the participants’ creative and artistic skills, achievement of a significant progress in the development of their projects within a short time, feedback from international colleagues as a first test audience, social skills, personal growth, establishment of international contacts.
Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Producers
Requirements Feature-length film projects (feature films or creative documentaries) of creative quality, production potential and cross-border appeal, treatment or 1st draft script completed (writers), CV, professional track record, recommendation letter and DVD of recent film (writers/producers/directors), if available.
Intermediate | Senior
Per workshop: application: 100 EUR, participation: 2,000 EUR per writer/project, 1,000 EUR per team member (co-writer, producer, director, observer).
Limited number of travel scholarships and fee grants available, on application by selected participants only.
Included First session only.
Included First session only.