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Réalisation de séries unitaires TV: scénario et concept

La Poudrière’s training programme on creating TV specials and series is for recent animation graduates and young animation professionals.

Dates: 23 April-5 July 2019
Application deadline: 17 March 2019
This is an 11-week scriptwriting training course: - first part (3 weeks): writing the script for a TV special - second part (7 weeks): producing a TV/Web series concept. The course also includes a week at the MIFA film festival and market in Annecy, France. This is an opportunity to understand the diverse international animation landscape and to meet some of the greatest figures in animation from across the world.

Each group of 3 to 4 participants work together on creating a concept for a TV series and a TV special, based on a book. The literary adaptation project is based on a partnership established with children’s book publishers.

Course participants can work from a variety of works selected for the excellence of their visual presentation and narration (their potential, as a story, to be told in multiple episodes). Projects may be developed in either French or English.

The animation concepts developed at the course are converted into actual animations by the students of The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, under the supervision of the participants in this course.

In order to work as closely as possible in real working conditions, participants are required to take into account the costs or realising their graphical choices and techniques, as their projects should have the potential to be produced in Europe at a cost that reflects market realities.

Each course participant plays an active role in presenting their project in front of a jury of about fifty European industry professionals: book authors and publishers, illustrators, writers, directors, producers and broadcasters. The jury judges projects on their artistic merit, innovativeness and economic feasibility. These pitch sessions provide the participants with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their work in front of the full spectrum of decision-makers from the European animated film industry.
Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Animation professionals
Requirements Technical experience in scriptwriting, animation, story board development or layout, or students with a diploma in animation who want to go into directing. Preference is given to applicants with graphics skills and a cinematographic background.
Without project
Junior | Intermediate
For non-French E.U. participants, reserved first for whose coming from low capacity countries; scholarships cover tuition fee and/or travel and subsistence