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Europe-Latin America Producers Workshop

PUENTES targets Latin American & European producers with projects, 10 of which will be selected for the workshop. A further 4-5 participates are selected from applications from other European professionals interested in working with Latin America (sales agents, financiers, distributors, festival programmers, co-production market representatives) or European producers without project.

Dates: 10-14 June, 2019, Fiuggi, Italy
            27 November-1 December, 2019, Montevideo, Uruguay

The selected participants attend two workshops; one in Europe and one in Latin America. The projects are developed over one year by the attending producers under the guidance of top consultants, working on the script development, financial, co-production, marketing and distribution strategies; producers also extend their professional network, meeting key industry players in Europe and Latin America.

Target groupProducers, Distributors & sales agents, Festival managers
Requirements Project criteria:

feature-length fiction film (for theatrical release)

projects suitable for an international co-production and looking for co-producers

projects suggested by European applicants should have a link to Latin America (thematic, cultural, technical) and the producer should be motivated to work with / in Latin America and vice versa

applicants with a project must be the lead producer of the submitted project

producers must have completed at least one film released theatrically in the last 3 years

1st draft of the script should be available in English for the first workshop.

Project-based, Without project
Intermediate | Senior
Some travel scholarships available.
Included Some.