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Production Value

Production Value is a 7-day residential workshop simulating the pre-preparations for 6 existing film projects, and ultimately delivering professional budgets and shooting schedules.

Working in teams of two, Junior Line Producers and Assistant Directors from all over Europe are assigned real projects in development, brought to the workshop by Directors and Producers. The teams are coached by top-level European Line Producers and 1st Assistant Directors, to ensure that, in the given circumstances and at the week’s end, they will have achieved the best budgets and schedules possible.

Everybody — Juniors and Seniors alike — is assigned a project from other countries than their own. Directors and Producers play an important part in the process: they provide the main parameters of the projects and, at the end, they join the workshop to discuss the various concepts, options and results.

Before the workshop starts, Juniors are expected to draft on their own a first budget or a first schedule, based on preliminary information provided by the Producers of the projects. Skype conferences between Juniors and Seniors are regularly held to share and define the parameters that each project has in common with the others.

Production Value 2017 took place from Saturday 7 to Sunday 15 January 2017 in Bilbao, Spain. 

Learning outcomes- Analysis of the ramifications of creative vision and genre versus financial resources.
- Professional assessment of complex film projects.
- Breakdown of script according to highest industry standards (for Junior ADs).
- Methodology leading to comprehensive budgeting (for Junior LPs).
- Managing options linked to film commissions and tax credits requirements (for Junior LPs).
- Mastering specialized software programs Movie Magic Scheduling and Movie Magic Budgeting (for both Juniors' group).
- Deep understanding of the complexity of the filmmaking process.
- Awareness of European national specifics.
- Identification of indicators for future problems.
- Ability to think differently in a foreign environment involving coproduction.
- Benefits from early high-profile consultation from “operational partners” in the development process (for Producers & Directors only).
Target groupProducers, Directors, Junior Line Producers, Junior Assistant Directors
Requirements Assistant Directors: 1st AD on feature films or TV movies at least twice, or 2nd AD at least three times,
Line Producers: LP on feature films or TV movies at least once or production manager at least twice,
Directors and producers: see course description.

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