Project development

MFI Script 2 Film

An advanced script and project development programme.

MFI Script 2 Film Workshops offer an advanced training programme which provides a platform for the effective script and project development of European & international feature films. It consists of consists of 2 on-location workshop sessions and 2 online sessions per year.


June 24-July 6, 2019, Nisyros, Greece
August/September 2019, online
October 13-October 20, 2019, Rhodes, Greece

December 2019, online

The programme helps to fully develop the participating screenplays, from first or subsequent draft to final draft. Through a process of workshops that focus on script analysis, revision and rewriting, it aims to produce solid screenplays that will have a strong dramatic impact for international audiences.

The programme offers participants the tools to set up an effective project development process (presentation, financing and formation of co-productions). It helps to analyse participating projects' potential in terms of markets & audiences, and to strategise their production.

The programme offers selected seats for script development professionals (screenwriters, script consultants, trainers, commissioning editors, producers, decision makers) who wish to improve their skills in a practical framework. It incorporates them as "assistant trainers" working next to the programme's tutors for the development of participating scripts.

The programme involves some of the most established screenwriting teachers, producers and industry experts from Europe and the USA as trainers and tutors. Furthermore, in every workshop session, renowned international filmmakers offer lectures and participate in Q&A sessions.

The programme is open to European and international creative teams (screenwriters, producers, directors) with a feature film project in development and to script development professionals without a project.

Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Directors, Script consultants, Commissioning editors
Requirements Projects with creative and production potential, professional track record, rough 1st draft completed.

Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
2000 Producers without a project: 1,500 for first residential session and online course; 500 for second residential session
Scholarship opportunities available.
Included For both residential sessions.
Included For both residential sessions.