NFTS Grad - 13 Jan 2017 (3)


NFTS Grad - 13 Jan 2017 (72)



Company development / Production / Co-production / Post-production / Project Development / Management & financing / Digital & multimedia / Marketing, distribution & exhibition

Inside Pictures

A film business training programme for senior producers and executives.

Inside Pictures is a film business training programme for senior producers and film industry executives from all disciplines (development, production, post-production, special effects, sales, distribution, marketing, finance, legal and business affairs). It is designed to develop the skills and contacts they need to lead and grow successful businesses by developing their 360 degree understanding of the global film business, increasing their network of high level contacts and raising their industry profile. This programme for leading executives and producers takes place in London and Los Angeles between June 2017 and January 2018. It covers all aspects of the international film business – from development through production, financing, worldwide distribution, marketing and exhibition, and the latest digital developments. It also covers corporate strategy and leadership skills.

Seminars, workshops, studio visits, projects and events are hosted by many of the international industry's most senior industry professionals. Twenty participants attend a programme of three five-day modules taking place in London and LA. The course ends with one day of project presentations.

The course is open to applicants from across the world who are working with or in Europe.
Learning outcomesCutting-edge 360 degree industry knowledge, business skills, an enhanced profile and network.
Target groupProducers, Distributors & sales agents, Post-production professionals, Funders & financiers, Exhibitors, Lawyers
Requirements To benefit most from this programme you will have a minimum of 5 years’ proven business experience in film or a related creative industry which may include, but is not limited to, the following fields: production, development, acquisitions, directing, marketing, distribution, exhibition, advertising, sales, legal, talent representation and finance. You do not have to be based in Europe or hold a European passport in order to be eligible. However, you will need to be able to demonstrate your commitment to working in and with the European film industry.

If you are applying as a producer, we ask that you have seen one feature through the international distribution cycle and that you provide an accurate and honest list of credits in our downloadable format.




Without project
Scholarships available upon application and at the discretion of the programme directors.
Included Contribution towards UK travel and accommodation for non-UK participants coming to London, contribution to LA travel costs for all participants.
During modules, most breakfasts and lunches are covered by the programme. Some formal dinners are covered (min 1 per module).
Included Accommodation for one week in LA is covered by the programme.
Application Deadline