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!F LAB 2017

Interactive Factual Lab

Interactive factual narratives are exploding online, and on mobile media. Methodologies are known bit by bit to work in this new field at the intersection between documentary, journalism, social communication and web design. A safe space to work on prototypes is needed so that a new breed of creative technologist and digital storytellers can grow stronger and start spreading their know-how to others.
!F Lab is designed to help creatives to produce and develop their online factual stories. !F Lab is an incubator where storytellers, designers and coders meet to work on their interactive project. At the moment many interactive projects seem to be initiated by storytellers (film directors, documentary makers or writers) and yet most of them never manage to be produced because multi-disciplinary teams are hard to form (they belong to different networks) and people are not used to work together in a collaborative and agile way. Matching skills from different sectors for a sustainable creative industry seems to us to be key in the present industry. !F Lab provides 2 x 5 day workshops (normally Wednesday - Sunday) geared to helping teams to get through the idea formulation, design and coding phase of their project - via constant testing, prototyping and experimentation. The emphasis is on iterative creative design and user experience (applied to storytelling). !F Lab aims to be an innovative sandbox, where participants can create new methodologies for working together, and new approaches to interactive factual storytelling.

The exact dates of the courses will be announced soon, but it is foreseen that they will take place in May 2017 in Belgium and July 2017 in France.

Learning outcomes

– creation of working prototype or project by the end of the training,
– capacity for cross-disciplinary work,
– acquisition of terms and language of new media and design practices, collaborative creation methodologies, budgeting & marketing skills, pitching and self-promotion,
– knowledge of the market and the key players in interactive factual narrative.
– cross-disciplinary networking.

Target groupDirectors, Cinematographers, Content developers, Scriptwriters
Requirements The target group is quite broad as it includes anyone wanting to create compelling interactive factual stories using digital platforms, but there are two primary groups:
1. audiovisual professionals (journalists, documentary makers, storytellers, filmmakers, artists, social media managers, writers etc.)
2. creative technologists (designers, coders, graphic novelists, story architects etc.)

Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
1100 2 boosters: individual: EUR 1100 // second team member: EUR 750
Included Lunch
Application Deadline