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IDFAcademy is IDFA’s training programme during the festival. Each year, it offers talented documentary filmmakers and producers the opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge about the international documentary industry (financing, production, distribution, creative content).

Dates: 15-18 November 2018
IDFAcademy gives filmmakers the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of highly esteemed documentary professionals who are willing to share their knowledge of the industry. During the training, the participants gain up-to-date market knowledge of the documentary industry and become street-smart about the current trends in documentary filmmaking. Trends and models in various parts of the world are dealt with to ensure that participants develop a broad view of the sector. The program consist of masterclasses of well-known directors and smaller sessions on subjects like outreach and distribution. Participants take part in round tables and one-on-ones so they can strengthen their network. 

The IDFAcademy is open for directors and producers making their first or second film, who have proven their talent on a national scale and would like to expand their career internationally. Film students are not eligible for the IDFAcademy. The training programme is open to a maximum of 100 participants. The group consists of filmmakers with a film in the IDFA program, filmmakers selected together with European film institutes and an amount of seats is allocated for sign-ups. Although the program is not project driven, participants have a project or finished film during their attendance. This ensures that participants are constantly applying the general knowledge and advice to their own documentary during the four days.
Target groupProducers, Directors
Requirements CV/resume, motivation for attending the programme, filmography, a sample of previous work or the latest documentary and recommendation letters (preferred but not required).
Junior | Intermediate
Included Lunches included.
Included Available to 15% of the participants. This consists of a four-night hotel voucher and exemption from the participation fee. IDFA makes this selection on the basis of participants who have a film in the IDFA programme (most likely the First Appearance program).