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FRAME is an intensive training course over three five-day sessions on digital audiovisual archive management, giving professionals a common technical language and knowledge.

Session 1: 17-21 June 2019 (tbc), Bry-sur-Marne/Paris, France
Session 2: 8 October 2019 (tbc), Dubrovnik, Croation
Session 3: 5-9, 2019 (tbc), Bry-sur-Marne/Paris, France

The use of audiovisual content involves new technologies and new way of delivering content. This use requires its analogue content digitised, described, accessible and promoted. FRAME addresses, in 3 sessions, each step of the management of the content: implementation of best practices in terms of preservation and digitisation of old content, management of a file-based archive (storage, media management, security of data…), rights’ management, description and accessibility of content for various audiences and development of adapted business models.

The 1st session of 2019, FRAME Tech, and the 3rd session, FRAME Access, are both for 15 participants whereas the 2nd session FRAME Executive is for 20 participants.

The first session will take place at INA, France and the third session at another European institution managing audiovisual archives.

FRAME Executive take places at the same location as the FIAT-IFTA World Conference (which changes each year).

FRAME Tech: Preservation and digitisation of audiovisual media
FRAME Executive: new strategies, innovations, professional skills management and business development
FRAME Access: documentation, rights management and metadata management. 

Learning outcomesParticipants will benefit from:

    • A complete overview of the innovative solutions available,
    • New competences needed to identify the appropriate strategy in the light of conditions and local priorities for designing and implementing the processing lines within their own organisation,
    • The opportunity to strengthen their network of media archive managers.
Target groupProducers, Content developers, Exhibitors, Lawyers, Archivist, Documentalist, Cataloger, Project Manager, Technical supervisor, Media manager
Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
1000 Per Tech and Access session: EUR 100 for the Executives session. EUR 50 for scholarship holders. Accommodation and meals extra.
3 scholarships for the Tech and Access sessions. The scholarship-awarded participants pay EUR 500 and the scholarship covers the cost of the transportation from their country of residence to the place where the session is held.
Included Lunches only.