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EURODOC Production


EURODOC is a training programme designed for documentary film producers who want to enhance the development stage of their projects on the international level, as well as for commissioning editors and film fund representatives. EURODOC fosters the development of documentary film projects in a highly demanding and creative way.

Session 1: Development, March.
Session 2: Coproduction, Financing & Packaging, June.
Session 3: Meetings with Experts, October.

EURODOC facilitates meetings and relations among the most active professionals in the documentary sector in a number of European countries and beyond using their documentary projects as a basis.

The objectives are:

    • To improve the development level of documentary projects with international potential, their financing and management;
    • To face the technological changes in the field of development, production and distribution;
    • To strengthen the international development of small and medium-sized companies;
    • To develop trans-national cooperation and to better consider the international dimension and the various market realities;
    • To set up a sustainable networking of skills and exchanges by bringing together the professionals and the decision-makers of this sector;
    • To take into account the special aspects of countries with low production capacity to remedy the structural difficulties encountered by professionals in those countries.

Major changes are occurring in production, distribution and broadcasting: Eurodoc's objective is to get an in-depth understanding of what the main protagonists are facing in the industry today. Throughout the three sessions, all the basic fundamentals of the production process are covered: negotiations for rights acquisition, relationship between the director and the producer, financing the development stage, production methods, budgeting, identification of potential partners on the international level, drafting of related documents, trailers creation, financing, drafting of co-production agreements, management of the production company, promotion and distribution, analysis of the documentary film market, pitching preparation.

Session 1: The first session focuses on analysing participants’ projects of the participants, in terms of script and development, in order to consolidate the overall coherence of each project. Individual meetings with experts accompany this group work. During this session, the film directors may take part in individual meetings together with their producers. The plenary assemblies cover issues such as intellectual property, acquisition of rights and development funding sources.

Session 2: During this session, the participants finalise the packaging of their projects and focus on:
  • Budgeting: definition of the artistic ambitions of the project and its production mode;
  • Financing: identification of the diverse partners capable of co-financing, on a national and international level;
  • Packaging: preparation of the dossier in terms of creative, technical, legal and financial aspects;
  • Co-producing: to reach different agreements and contracts that are compatible with each other.

The participants also work on the production of trailers. A debate is organised with distributors on the changing trends of the documentary film market, the festival’s circuit, theatrical distribution, Internet, new modes of consumption and emerging markets.

Session 3:

The third session is mainly dedicated to ‘one-to-one’ meetings with the Experts. During three days, individual meetings of 45 minutes each are organised for each participant with the more pertinent experts for their project attending the session. The one-to-ones are intensively prepared during the first two days of the session.

The plenaries focus on company management and on the situation of the international documentary film market. All the decision-makers invited present the editorial lines and possible the financial capacities of their channels. 

Executives Seminar:
During the third Eurodoc session, a one-day Executives Seminar is organized as a timely opportunity for a certain number of Commissioning Editors who are invited to conduct individual meetings with the Producers in training.

The Seminar focuses on three powerful aspects of the profession:

1) meeting and  exchanging views with prominent filmmakers of auteur-driven, creative documentaries. Under privileged conditions and far from immediate production concerns on the job, in-depth encounters with leading documentary filmmakers (Fred Wiseman, Rithy Panh, Nicolas Philibert or Victor Kossakovsky, for example).

2) screening a rough cut for an ambitious documentary film project and exchanging views with a director and a producer on their work-in-progress – a key stage in the job of commissioning editors – provide a real life example of how documentaries currently communicate ideas, as well as the issue of different formats and new broadcasting media. 

3) a series of short presentations to spark discussion on special topics directly related to current trends in the sector.
Target groupProducers, Distributors & sales agents, Funders & financiers, Commissioning editors, Lawyers
Requirements Participants with projects: independent producers with a documentary or transmedia project in development. Participants without projects: commissioning editors from documentary units of TV channels, film fund executives supporting documentaries, distributors.
Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
2800 Fees for non-European participants: EUR 1400