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Essential Legal Frameworks

Digital Distribution - Maximizing Reach and Revenues

This workshop provides the latest market intelligence and hands-on tips and tools to monetize content and reach wider audiences.

Dates: December 5-9, 2018, Berlin, Germany.

Digital distribution has a huge impact on the entertainment industry. To succeed and benefit from the opportunities, it is crucial to understand the business models and know the legal implications.

The Digital Distribution seminar sets out to equip film and TV producers (and distributors) with the tools to help them to capitalise on the opportunities of digital distribution in order to maximise the reach and revenues for their content.
Learning outcomesLearn about: New Business Opportunities in Today’s Marketplace, Monetizing your Back Catalogue, The Digital Distribution Agreement – Key Deal Points, Direct Sales – Practical Guide and Case Studies, Successful Direct Distribution and Marketing Campaigns as well as Cutting-edge Case Studies
Target groupProducers, Content developers, Animation professionals, Distributors & sales agents, Lawyers
Project-based, Without project
Intermediate | Senior
1,290 EUR 1090 without accommodation. Company discounts available.
A limited number of (mostly partial) scholarships is available. These will be awarded to professionals from MEDIA countries with low production capacity.
Included Accommodation option. See fees.