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ESoDoc – European Social Documentary

ESoDoc - European Social Documentary is the training initiative for media professionals and “cross-thinkers” who want to increase impact and outreach of their documentary films and cross-media projects by developing new storytelling skills, networking over different platforms, discovering new forms of team building, of producing and financing with the help of the crowd and new distribution strategies.
The objective of ESoDoc – European Social documentary is to make professionals in the audiovisual industry more competitive at transnational and international level by transmitting a series of skills that will enable them to respond quickly to the changes of the audiovisual markets. It explores new formats (crossmedia projects, Virtual Reality, fiction-documentary hybrids, web-documentaries and animation) to find and foster new production possibilities (collaborative, participative and interdisciplinary) and new distribution strategies (impact and outreach) for traditional and new platforms (TV, cinema, the web in its wider meaning, from social networks to online newspapers).

ESoDoc offers three one-week residential sessions held over a period of six months, combined with extended online sessions for project tutoring and networking with festivals and other market events. During the workshops, participants are tutored by a network of international experts on the development of the projects.

Emphasis is placed on building up strong storytelling along with new production possibilities (participatory media) and partnerships across sectors.. ESoDoc trains its participants to be better equipped for the challenges of the changing audiovisual market, and enables the filmmakers to better engage audiences across different platforms and maximise the outreach and impact of the projects.

The workshop is open for professionals with or without an own project. Participants applying without a project will get the possibility to develop one in a team during the training.
Target groupProducers, Directors, Content developers, Cinematographers, Animation professionals, Journalists, NGO communicators, Web designers, Game designers, Programmers
Requirements Participating with project: project proposals must be researched enough to identify at least the main characters and there must be original visual materials related to the proposal. All participants who want to develop a crossmedia project are asked to have a graphic designer in their team by the second session.

Participating without project: only professionals coming from different industry sectors (i.e. designers, web developers, NGO officers etc.) may participate without project. This is intended to foster the interdisciplinary approach of the workshop.



Project-based, Without project
Intermediate | Senior
1500 with project/1200 without project // REDUCED FEE: 700 with project/600 without project Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
Applicant must submit their latest tax return to be eligible for scholarship.