APostLab aims to increase awareness of the post-production process. Every year, APostLab organises a 6-day workshop in a European country dedicated to the management of post production of feature length films in an international coproduction environment.

Dates: will be made available as soon as possible.

During the workshop, teams are created per project. The teams are coached by top-level producers and post production supervisors. Each morning consists of work on the film projects during group sessions and individual meetings. After lunch, international experts bring the teams up to speed on post production topics like VFX, deliverables, DCP, music rights, workflows and many others.

Target groupProducers, Post-production professionals

Participants must be one of the following:

  • a producer with an international film project in development, financing or pre-production
  • an independent post production supervisor
  • an in-house post producer at a production company or post production facility.

Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
1600 EUR 1600 is for producers; fee for post-production supervisors is EUR 1300.