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EKRAN+ is a 22-day project-based professional training programme, primarily designed for directors/writer-directors, focusing on the vision of their future film and tailoring them for the future audience. This vision is developed through the combination of three major elements: the script, the audiovisual components and the collaboration with the other professionals involved in the shooting of the film. 
EKRAN+ focuses participants on exploring, identifying and refining the tone and visual language of film. EKRAN+ aims to advance participants’ treatments/scripts and produce two scenes from each script/ treatment.

Every participating project is represented by a Creative Team consisting of a director (or writer/director), a writer (or co-writer), a director of photography and producer.

The EKRAN+ process includes:
  • Preparation for shooting; casting, storyboard and individual consultancies with tutors.
  • Shooting; tutors’ shooting expertise and help from casting directors, set designers and production managers.
  • Editing; consultancies with a supervisor.
  • Evaluation; group and tutor analysis of the produced scenes.

The creative team (director, screenwriter, and producer) are offered a choice of locations, actors and set design within the usual logistical and budgetary constraints. EKRAN+ supports the shooting with the help and expertise of casting directors, set designers and production managers.
EKRAN+ focuses participants on exploring, identifying and refining the tone and visual language of film. EKRAN+ aims at advancing participants’ treatments/scripts and producing two scenes from each script/ treatment.

The first scene is produced with 2-3 (Polish) actors and DOPs speaking English, whereas for the second scene (produced in their native language), participants invite DOP and two actors from their native country.

Participants can return for an optional follow-up session for the final script consultancy and to draw up the advanced draft before they enter the production phase.
Learning outcomesAt the end of the EKRAN+ programme each team will have a well developed treatment or a first draft of a script and two scenes, presenting the tone, genre and visual language of the project. Those scenes (the second scene especially, with its specifically cast actors, selected location, props and style of photography) can be treated by participants and their producers as a Demo/Pilot visual material to accompany the script as a part of the Production Package, and to be used in search for financing of the film. However they can be as well treated as a testing material or visual laboratory and not to be shown to decision makers. The final decision how to approach the EKRAN+ scheme depends on the participants.
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Directors, Cinematographers
Requirements Experience, project in development, track record.



Included Breakfast and lunch included.