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EAVE Producers Workshop

EAVE Producers Workshop is a yearlong professional development programme. Together with the experts you work on the development of fiction and documentary projects and address the major processes of (co-)production from early development in the first week to meetings with Europe’s leading commissioning editors and funders in the final session.

WORKSHOP 1: 8-15 March 2019, Luxembourg
WORKSHOP 2: -27 June 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia
WORKSHOP 3: 28 October-November 4, 2019, Leipzig, Germany
EAVE’s flagship programme is a yearlong programme focused on three intensive weeks featuring professional development through working on the development of fiction and documentary projects. Each year some 50 producers from around 30 European countries work on script and project development, financing, financial planning and company development, legal issues of co-production, marketing, packaging and pitching. During the final week of the programme some 60+ ‘decision makers’ – leading television commissioning editors, sales agents, distributors, representatives of regional and national funds and senior producers – meet the participants to discuss their projects, companies and plans. Participants can attend with or without a project and writers are encouraged to attend the first two weeks. The workshop is also open to other members of the industry, for example lawyers and people working with media agencies and sales companies.

The EAVE Producers Workshop has created an extremely active and successful network which has enabled participants to form long term co-producing relationships. Films developed during the programme and those subsequently produced by EAVE graduates have won major prizes at all the world’s leading festivals.

Learning outcomesEAVE has contributed strongly to the development of many projects which have been successfully realised. Since its creation, EAVE has trained many of Europe’s leading producers and created a genuinely pan European network through which graduates regularly co-produce with great success and exceptionally good results:

Over 35% of projects developed through the EAVE Producers Workshop have been successfully produced. 55% of the projects developed at EAVE get an international sales agent on board, 23% get distributed in more than 5 territories, and 25% of the projects have a successful festival career.

50% of producers who met at EAVE co-produce together after graduation.
Target groupProducers, Distributors & sales agents, Funders & financiers, Lawyers, Festival managers
Requirements EAVE is aimed at producers working in fiction and documentary who have established themselves in their own country and now wish to work in the wider European industry.
Project-based, Without project
3000 / 2000 EUR With project: 3000, without project: 2000. Accommodation and meals fee per workshop: 1600 EUR.
EAVE allocates scholarships that cover either the membership fee and/or the conference fee. These scholarships will be allocated to approximately 8 participants from LCC countries (Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Estonia; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Montenegro; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Norway; Macedonia; Serbia; Georgia; Moldova; Ukraine; Tunisia). EAVE encourages participants to apply for financial support with their national/regional funding bodies first.
Included In EUR 1600 accommodation and meals fee
Included In EUR 1600 accommodation and meals fee