Company development / Management & financing


EAVE+ gathers 15 producers for 4 days to discuss their company structures and management practices together with high-profile industry experts.

Date: 3-7 April 2019, Luxembourg
Application deadline: 25 January 2019
In immersive role-plays, design thinking and scenario planning exercises, group work, individual coaching and through an interdisciplinary approach, the EAVE+ workshop tackles the business side of running a film company.

Business and management coaches explore topics such as cashflow management, leadership, company strategies, negotiation with financiers and partners, and raising finance from investors.

The workshop tackles topics such as: How to grow as a company? How to reinvent yourself after failure? How to sustain a viable business? What kind of leader am I? How to improve my team management? How to achieve a better life work balance? 

With strategic scenario development tools and exercises specifically designed for individual purposes, concrete options are explored for sustaining and developing production companies in challenging and competitive contexts, by:

- assessing the competitive space (market trends, competition, partners' ecosystem);
- considering change (across products and formats, target groups, distribution channels, partner expectations and more;
- setting actionable goals at the company level;
- exploring and designing strategy scenarios (to approach these goals in a structured way, e.g. consolidation, growth, but how?)

Target groupProducers
Requirements Independent producers with a solid track record and international experience from Europe and the rest of the world.
Without project
1800 For graduates of other EAVE programmes: EUR 1.500
Participants from low production capacity countries.