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Digital Production Challenge II

Digital Production Challenge II is a 3-day residential Workshop targeting all key professionals involved in the film making process.

Taking an overall practical approach, the Workshop compares and analyses the best digital production and post-production workflows, with a special focus on low and standard European budgets. It combines technical presentations with case studies, panel discussions on post-production challenges and personalized expertise on participants’ individual projects.

The Workshop also aims to improve communication within the decision making steps in post-production, to guide participants in terms of delivery materials and media archiving and to explore overall distribution strategies (theatrical, broadcast, internet, etc.)

Learning outcomesDCP II demonstrates how to achieve better work-time efficiency in post-production workflow, which means less stress, greater satisfaction and the delivery of a creatively enhanced film. The workshop also shows each participant how to balance the post-production budget.

As importantly, DCP II serves to underline the market value of each participant, reinforcing their status as essential and highly skilled partners within the business of collaborative filmmaking.

Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will have acquired a precise, comprehensive and practical understanding of the most commonly used digital workflows and the reasons for their application, including:

  • Suitability and Budget Costs
  • Communication and division of tasks/duties between the director, the cinematographer, the post-production facility and production
  • Organising, viewing, controlling and archiving shot materials
  • Making the right production choices to suit the eventual distribution platform

In the process, participants will feel confident in their ability to determine the most economically stable and creative solutions for their film.
Target groupProducers, Directors, DOPs, Line Producers, Production and Post-production managers.
Requirements Professional experience with the production or/and post-production of feature length films (incl. documentaries).
Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
Last updated on : 08.06.18