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Developing Your Film Festival

Developing Your Film Festival is a 6-day residential training course for professionals from established medium sized film festivals from across Europe.

The course is designed to professionalise the film festival sector by equipping film festival professionals with essential skills, knowledge and confidence to: strengthen their festival’s business model, build audiences, and maximise professional relationships. The course also fosters international networking, collaboration, information sharing and partnerships between film festivals across Europe, sharing best practice and encouraging them to integrate a European dimension into their work.

Developing Your Film Festival is taught interactively by experts from the Independent Cinema Office as well as key festival staff from the best festivals from around the world (in the past, these have included representatives from the Berlinale, Hot Docs, Rotterdam, Toronto and many more). 

Learning outcomesA clear strategy that can be implemented immediately, as well as new contacts from festivals around the world.
Target groupExhibitors, Festival managers, Funders & financiers
Requirements Staff members from established film festivals all over the world who have been working in festivals for minimum of 2 years. This may be in a paid / unpaid or freelance position but the position must be on where the applicant is in a position to influence change in the organisation.
Without project
Intermediate | Senior
1250 Includes festival accreditation
Full, part and travel scholarships are available
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