Project development

Cinekid Script LAB

With its tailor-made approach and its team of internationally acclaimed experts Cinekid Script LAB provides the perfect setting for scriptwriters and writers/directors to further develop and reinforce their scripts for children’s feature films. In addition, they will improve their screenwriting skills and competences in storytelling for young audiences.

Dates: This takes place during Cinekid for Professionals in October, and the Berlinale the following February.
The first part of Script Lab 2017-2018 took place prior to Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam (October 2017), the industry event for the Cinekid Festival where the lab participants could take their bearings and start positioning their projects on the international market.

After Cinekid the participants stay in touch with their script coaches through email and they schedule a Skype meeting to discuss the interim draft of their work and new questions that popped up in their process.

The third part took them to Berlin where the Script Lab took place previous to the Berlinale (February 2018) and where they could meet experts who will be invited to the lab, whare they could immerse themselves in Children Films at the Generation Programme and use the international network of the European Film Market for meetings (possibly together with their producers).

The organiser uses script-coaches to guide the selected participants with their projects throughout the process. During four months, the participants are matched with dedicated script-coaches experienced in the area of writing for children who will help them further develop their projects.

In addition to the story sessions with the script-coaches, the particpants attend workshops in which they explore specific aspects of their projects and/or the development process of (their) scripts. These get-togethers provide in-depth knowledge of scriptwriting and they are also granted direct access to the children film industry at both festivals. Writers can participate with a project at synopsis, treatment or script stage. The genre can be live-action, animation or documentary.
Learning outcomes
  • Connecting writers who are working on scripts for young audiences;
  • Increasing the international network of its participants;
  • Facilitating exchange of knowledge between its participants;
  • Offering a specific focus on writing for young audiences;
  • Improving the writing and pitching skills of its participants;
  • Development towards a new (and better) draft of their script.
Target groupScriptwriters