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Cartoon Springboard

Cartoon Springboard is part of a trio of short but intensive Cartoon Masters courses on improving pitching skills for young producers.

Dates: 26-29 November 2019, Valencia, Spain
Cartoon Springboard is a project-based pitching event aimed at helping new talents who have completed their education to improve and accelerate their access to the audiovisual and digital markets.  Young talents from European animation schools can pitch their project in front of a panel of experts from the audiovisual world. Participants get instant practical advice and guidance, and mearn about detailed budget costs and business plans, best practices, audience engagement, new partnerships.

Learning outcomesImproved pitching skills, networking with key players, professional insight into what is changing in the industry and the latest trends.
Target groupContent developers, Animation professionals, Distributors & sales agents, Funders & financiers, Graduates from animation schools with or without an animation project.
Requirements Young professionals.
Project-based, Without project
200 EUR
Professionals from the new MEDIA countries can apply to Cartoon for a scholarship. Numbers are limited.
Except for young talents pitching their talent.