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Cartoon Business

Cartoon Business is part of a quartet of short but intensive Cartoon Masters courses designed to teach animation professionals how to find ways to diversify sources of financing and increase the revenues of animated TV series.
This is a seminar focusing on the new generation models of financing and revenues brought about by the changes in the production and distribution markets. Based on case studies and experts’ advice, it looks into today’s fundraising and revenue streams for animated series, including new opportunities with VOD services, book publishers, financiers, broadcasters and digital content creators.
Learning outcomesNetworking with key players, professional insight into what is changing in the industry and the latest trends.
Target groupAnimation professionals, Funders & financiers, Content developers, Distributors & sales agents
Requirements For professionals.
Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
400 EUR
Professionals from the new MEDIA countries can apply to Cartoon for a scholarship. Numbers are limited.
Application Deadline