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Documentary / Project development / Animation

AniDox: Lab

AniDox:Lab is The Animation Workshop, VIA University College‚Äôs animation documentary continuous training programme in partnership with the Danish Film Institute, CPH:DOX and Nordisk Panorama. 
This is a laboratory, which brings together documentarians and animation film directors, to maximise their artistic capacity and cultivate new skills, develop their respective projects and expand their international networks for creative research and to let new collaborations emerge.

Through a series of three professional seminars in Viborg and Copenhagen combined with individual tailor-made online consultations, AniDox:Lab gives talented documentary and animation filmmakers the opportunity to engage and combine their two worlds. It tackles a time-based cinematic approach, as well as digital platforms that allow for multiple stories and timelines. Additionally, AniDox:Lab will progressively start addressing the booming emergence of non-linear visual storytelling.

The coaching seminars and collaborative workshops are designed to progress from fine-tuning and initial idea, through narrative development, to a pitch kit and a trailer. Select participating AniDox:Lab projects will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the prestigious CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival.

Our objective with the AniDox:Lab training project is to foster a more professional and efficient approach in Europe to the production of animated documentary films and/or new media projects. By providing documentary and animation filmmakers and creative producers with structured knowledge, inspiration and with a platform to network and work together, to understand each other, to create a common vocabulary, AniDox:Lab aims to facilitate the development, financing and production of innovative, rich, socially potent animation documentary films of a very high quality.

Target groupProducers, Documentary makers, New media content developers, Animation directors
Requirements Anidox:Lab targets documentary creatives, directors, producers and professionals with an animated documentary project in development. Duos are encouraged to apply as well as artists working in cross media, hybrid forms and new technologies..
Intermediate | Senior
Financial assistance