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TFL 360°

TFL 360° is a Multidisciplinary Lab that has grown in the past decade with the aim of covering the whole spectrum of activities involved in developing ideas, producing, financing and introducing fiction feature films to international audiences
TFL is a connected community of audiovisual professionals, with a dedicated market, an on-line presence and an annual Alumni Meeting.TFL 360° 2017-2018 will consist of 3 activities:

1) ScriptLab - for scriptwriters, directors and creative producers working on feature films based on original scripts, adaptations and projects “on commission” at an early stage of development; as well as for film professionals accompanying writers, directors and producers in the development of their projects – story editors.
2) FeatureLab - for teams of writer/director and producer working on feature films at an advanced stage of development – covering the principle areas of filmmaking: script, directing, image, sound, post-production, financing and marketing; as well as for film & media professionals working in the creation of audience engagement strategies through cross-platform ideas – Audience Designers.
3) SeriesLab – for writers working on original TV series projects.

These activities are all project-based and the training includes:

- A series of 3 workshops - each about one week long and taking place in a different country; including group sessions, 1-to-1 sessions, case studies, plenaries and pitching sessions;
- A public presentation & one-to-one meetings at an international co-production forum;
- Competing for TFL, Development & Production Awards;
- Joining the TFL Community.

TFL 360° activities are aimed at the overall professional development of their participants: our general objective is to form audiovisual professionals capable to dynamically operate in the European film industry and actively work to improve the European film market conditions from the inside, in the various roles they play based on their different profiles.
Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Producers