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3D Character Animation course


The 3D Character Animation course is a 15-week programme taking the participants through all the components of 3D character animation, from start to finish.
This course takes the predominantly European participants through all the components of 3D character animation. Under the supervision of guest teachers who are all international and European animation professionals, the participants are introduced to the Maya software and to 3D character animation through a series of exercises designed to transfer the classical 2D animation principles onto the computer and a 3D platform.

The focus lies on the basic animation principles, body mechanics and physical action during basic training and then moves on to the advanced concepts of pantomime acting and dialogue animation. The advanced animation modules are structured as mini-productions.

The course culminates in a 4-week final project, which is to be each student’s showreel masterpiece; a 20-30 second animated short film or game intro, after which the participants will be ready and fully equipped to enter the industry as a junior 3D animator.
Learning outcomesFurther training in 3D Character Animation, augmented networks and employability. Exposure to a variety of highly skilled tutors from the best animation studios in the world.
Target groupAnimation professionals, Directors, New media content providers, Post-production professionals
Requirements CV, motivation letter, portfolio/demo reel and track record. Intermediary to senior level of proficiency. A solid grasp of animation principles and solid drawing skills.
Without project
Junior | Intermediate
For participants from non-MEDIA countries