Project development / Children's film

Kids Film.Pro

Kids Film.Pro is at one and the same time a series of international workshops for the development of film and TV series screenplays for children and a networking platform. They make up a one-year course for developing a project from synopsis to the second draft of a screenplay and developing the project’s financial and marketing strategy, ending up by pitching the most advanced projects to a gathering of European professionals during the Warsaw Kids Film Forum from 25-27 September 2019.
The workshops teach both how to navigate the children’s film market, what the nature and difficulties of this type of production is, and about modern distribution and sales methods of films.

Kids Film.Pro also offers the chance to meet a real audience by participating in film screenings for children on festivals and feedback given by children during the different phases of development.

The workshops are run by professional, international screenwriting tutors with experience in the children’s film industry. Each of the 3 screenwriting tutors runs a group of 4 projects. The producer’s tutor manages all the teams.

An additional aspect is the training of 3 people as children’s films screenwriting consultants, who will have an internship with the screenwriting tutors, and 1 producer, who will have an internship with the producer’s tutor.

The overriding aim is to improve film and TV series productions for children in low capacity countries from Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic states where this genre is only slowly beginning to develop.
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters