Project development / Script development / Production


FILM+ is a guidance, support and work lab for film makers, at the end of which we hope to have a great number of projects completed. Projects are selected for potential, regardless of genre (be it fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) or development phase (script development, production or post-production).
Whether it is scripting, directing, cinematography, editing, sound, production, distribution or promotion, the Lab supports each project based on its specific needs, and our available resources and those of our partners, consultants and industry contributors.

The projects are supported in one the following three directions:
      • Development: consultancy and guidance for script development and/or preparation for the actual production phase of the project.
      • Filming: guidance and support for production and filming. These can be expressed either as counseling with regards to directing, cinematography, sound and so on, depending on the particularities of each project; but also as providing access to physical resources such as filming equipment, locations, crew members and others.
      • Post-production: assistance and support for either the editing process, color grading, sound, special effects, as well as access to physical resources (sound editing studio, color grading equipment etc.)

FILM+ offers support for different types of audio-visual projects: individual mentoring provided by industry professionals, chosen to fit the specific needs of each project (scripting, directing, editing, sound, production); specific support based on the development stage of each project (development, filming, post-production); networking between the participants and film industry professionals and companies.
Requirements Short film projects of any genre, regardless of their development stage (script development, production, post-production).

Film length must not exceed 40 minutes.