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European VOD Meetings

The European VoD Meetings are the first professional training and event especially conceived for European VoD platforms and aggregators specialised in arthouse, independent and European films.

Dates: 3-6 September 2018, Venice, Italy
           6-9 February 2019, Berlin, Germany
The training is also open to professionals willing to develop or in an early stage of development of a VoD service, and is suitable for companies proposing innovative solutions useful to the digital distribution industry, seeking clients, investors or partnerships, or to rights holders who want to work with European VoD services.

Organised by EuroVoD, the association of European VoD platforms for independent cinema and co-financed by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, the training was born from the urgency of the VoD sector to network and to cooperate, sharing data and expertise, mutualising resources and developing new projects, partnerships and business models, enhancing the competitiveness of the sector

The VoD Meetings aim to foster the competitiveness of the industry, while preserving the richness of the cultural diversity of European VoD platforms catalogues, to better reach the audience and finally contributing to the circulation of European and indie films.

The European VoD Meetings consists of four days of lectures, workshops, networking and trade opportunities, public conferences, case studies, debates and screenings, through the transmission of know-how & peer-to-peer learning, benchmarking, confrontation about the hot topics of the business, implementation of innovative projects and the acquisition of technical, marketing, trading and management tools. It is open to 35 executives and intermediate professionals working with and for European VoD platforms.

The first edition of the European VoD Meetings is divided into two modules. The first one took place 3 – 6 September in Venice, Italy, in partnership with the Venice Production Bridge, the market of the Venice FF. It involved 50 professionals, 33 participants and 14 experts, from 16 countries, who gathered on San Servolo island. The participants were CEOs, CTOs, Marketing and Editorial Directors, representing 20 companies: VoD platforms covering one or more territories, technical providers, rights holders (production and film festivals), public institutions and aggregators. The programme covered the following topics: analysis of VoD in Europe, piracy, circulation of classic and catalogue films on-line, European public policies, technical round-table, marketing and audience development, project pitch and B2B meetings. The programme and the full list of participants and speakers is published on the website of Eurovod.

The second module covers the following topics: Market analysis of indie VoD in Europe; Chain of rights; Financing; Team & Project Management; Innovation & new business models; VoD for cinemas; Film literacy & young audience; Projects Pitch & Workshop; and Trading & Networking facilities.

Intermediate | Senior
1050 Rebate of EUR 400 in Berlin for without-accommodation option
Particularly for start-ups and those from low production capacity countries
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